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Baby Silicone Bottle Spoon Baby Food Feeder With Standing Base, Silicone Soft Spoon Rice Noodles Baby Food Supplement Tool For Infant Dispensing And Feeding

Color: Color



Size:22 *7* 7cm


1. Safe material: The baby spoon feeder is made of high quality PP and silicone, which is safe, BPA free, and won't hurt your baby's delicate mouth

2.Package includes: Baby Silicone Bottle, Size: 21 x 6 cm/8.3x 2.4 inches

3. To use and clean: Just fill the silicone bottle with puree and press gently until the desired amount is collected on the spoon to feed the baby; after use, disassemble the bottle and put it in the water

4. Strong sealing: the feeder comes with a sealing cover to prevent food leakage and is convenient for outdoor use; it also has a dust cover to isolate dust

5. Suction cup: There is a suction cup at the bottom of the bottle; the bottle can be fixed on the table and is not easy to pour and leak