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Automatic Yogurt Machine Home Mini 1 Liter Intelligent Temperature Control Yogurt Machine

Color: Color

Material:ABS material

Weight: 980g



1.Fully automatic: This smart yogurt maker only needs to pour in milk and lactic acid bacteria powder, stir well, and start with one key, you can easily get delicious and healthy yogurt.

2.Intelligent temperature control:This yogurt maker has 360° all-round heating to ensure your yogurt is heated evenly, in addition to the intelligent thermostat system.

3. Healthy yogurt: The body is made of food-grade PP material. This multifunctional yogurt maker can make creamy and delicate yogurt, while keeping the nutrients of yogurt, nutritious and healthy.

4. Portable: With a height of 8 inches, this yogurt maker has a compact body that doesn't take up much space and saves space. With a weight of 1 pound, the yogurt can be carried around.

5. Note: The voltage of this product is 110v-220v, the plug is two flat plugs, please check the compatibility before purchase. This product may require an adapter or converter to be used at your destination.