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Anti-splash Nail Clippers

Color: Black

An ultra-high-value nail clipper

Size  Large+Nail File 
Color As Picture
Cover material  Ni-Zinc alloy,Vacuum coating technology

♥ New Design Large Nail Clipper Set: The lever is securely in place while in use. It cannot spin around. The lever in these has two pegs that mount firmly into holes on either side of the metal housing. You will NEVER break these, it is Durable than an ordinary clipper.

♥ Do Catch Most Clippings: A working clipping catcher! Flipping the flap back for lowering the lever on the clippers to storage mode opens the receptacle for easy disposal of the contents. No more standing over the wastebasket shaking the clippers trying to get the shards of nail out.

♥ More labor-saving and comfortable for trimming nails.

For Thick Nails: It's a heavy-duty clipper, with ergonomic, Handle is reinforced for extra strength when pressing down on thick nails.

Step1: Soak your nails in lukewarm water for a few minutes to soften them.

Step2: To trim your fingernails, cut almost straight across the nail. Use the integrated nail file to slightly round the nails at the corners.

Step3: To avoid getting an ingrown toenail, cut straight across when trimming your toenails. Smooth uneven or rough edges using the integrated nail file.