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8/12 Grids Press Lift Lipstick Storage Box Lip Glaze Holder Cosmetic Organizer

Material: PP+ABS
Style: 8 Grids / 12 Grids
Color: White, Pink
Unit Count: 1 Count

√Press to Open: Easy operation. All you need to do is to press the top to open and then press it again to close.
√2 Height: We've got you different styles in 2 heights. One is for lipsticks, and the other for lip glaze which is thinner and taller.
√Space-saving: Even with such large capacity, our product is compact enough to be placed on your crowdy desk. And you will still find out the one you need by one glance.
√Dust- & Water-proof: Girls always got countless lipsticks/lip glazes, and there are always some will be left untouched for a long time. With this holder, they will never be dusty. And bathroom suitable, too.
√Application: Cosmetic Organizer, for Fast Pick.