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4 Packs Creative Animal Decorative Wall Hanger Hooks

Color: Color
Material: PVC
Weight: 200g
Size: 11.5*7cm

1.Flexible Legs&Arms: You can use its curved arms to hang things like hanging keys, headbands, bracelets, headbands, wreaths, bottle openers and other small items.(Note: Do not hang overweight, valuable or fragile items.)
2.Space-saving: These hooks help improve space utilization, giving more three-dimensional space for items.keep the house clean and orderly.Also can be used as a beautiful and creative decoration for home.
3.Functional & Durable:The adhesive wall hook is made of high-quality PVC rubber with PET protective film and strong adhesive. Wall decor hooks have stronger adsorption ability than 3M adhesive hooks. This functional and extremely durable wall mount hook can easily carry weights up to 2 pounds without falling.
4.Washable&Reusable: It can still be reused after washing with water.The animal hooks are very easy to install.Keep the wall clean and dry before sticking,peel off the protect film,paste and press firmly to drain the air(Use it better after 1hours,the glue and the wall surface will have the best paste effect ).
5.Multiple Uses: The wall hanging hooks can be used for hanging various things in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom,living room,etc.Also can be used as a smartphone stand.