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4 Packs Car Window Screens Mosquito Net Mesh Shade

Color: Color
Material: Mesh
Weight: 150g
Size: 120*55cm

1.Provides Effective Shading: Made out of a high-quality, stretchable nylon mesh that provides complete privacy blackout. With these front shades, you'll have great protection from sun rays for both the driver and passenger!
2.Free Airflow: Car Window Screen allows free airflow and ensures free window rolling up and down. With the breathable mesh, you can enjoy the breeze from outside while staying protected from the sun.
3.Does not Block the Mirror View: The hallow-cut design allows the drivers to peek at the rearview mirrors without blocking their view of sight. Moreover, the front window mesh is easy to see through without any visual blocking for the passengers as well!
4.Easy Installation: Can be installed within seconds. Pull the mesh over the front window frame, peel the velcro off, stick the velcro to the jambs, and attach the strap to the velcro! These velcro tabs enhance stability when the windows are down.
5.Stretches to Fit Convenience: Applicable to most car models, it can provide you with a comfortable and cool car environment when traveling.