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2pcs Wheel Cleaning Brush, Tire Brush Cleaning Tool, Tire Cleaner for Car, Motorcycle or Bicycle, Soft Bristle Underwire Brush Combination Kit for Wheel Washing(CAR102)

Weight: 350g
Size: 20*13*10CM

1. It is a set of tire brush combination for household and car tires, and a soft-bristled steel ring brush combination tool for washing wheels;
2. Suitable for cars and motorcycles bicycles, also can be used for home floors. It is more efficient to use with a hose or tire cleaner.
3. Effectively clean all kinds of corners and cracks on the tire surface of alloy wheels and tires.
4. Do not use on the body to avoid damage to the paint. It is recommended to use sponges such as dust-proof wax brushes and car towels for car body cleaning.
5. If you need it, you can contact us at any time, we will reply you as soon as possible!