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2-piece Silicone Floor Drain Cover Sewer Plug Bathtub With Strong Adsorption Bathtub Drainage Cover Household Insect, Odor And Stain Resistant Easy To Clean Kitchen Bathroom Isolation Cover

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1.Good sealing:The surface of this bathtub plug can be placed flat, strong suction, can fit closely with the sink or bathtub, very good sealing, do not worry about hair or grease and other waste into the drain.

2.High quality material:This mat is made of soft silicone material, which is soft, flexible, durable, not easy to bend deformation aging, high temperature resistance and does not absorb odor. It is also stain-resistant and has a non-slip function at the bottom of the mat, which can be fixed in place during use.

3.Versatile:This hair catcher is suitable for kitchen and bathroom sink drains and can effectively prevent odors, isolate post-meal residue and hair waste, and provide a clean and comfortable home environment.

4.Easy to use:This bathtub stopper is compact and portable, easy to store and operate, can be easily installed in any sink with a handle design, easy to take in front of the powerful adsorption force, convenient and quick.

5. Exquisite design; this bathtub drain cover has six styles for you to choose from, the exquisite large disc design is the right size to fit more closely to the floor drain.