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2 Pack Self-Adhesive Collar Protector Sweat Pads

Material: Non-woven fabric
Size per pack: 0.98" x 315" / 2.5 x 800cm
Weight per pack: 1.13 ounce / 32g
Quantity: 2 Pack

1. COMFORTABLE WEARING EXPERIENCE: This disposable sweat-absorbing and dirty-proof collar tape is made of comfortable and breathable non-woven fabric on the side of the skin. Don't worry about wearing it will make your neck or other places uncomfortable. It also has sweat absorption function, so that you can have a very comfortable feeling even in hot summer
2. MAIN FUNCTION: This is a product specially prepared for people who like sweating in summer. You can cut the most suitable length according to your clothes, tear off the protective stickers behind, and easily stick the product on the collar to protect your shirt collar from being dirty
3. NON-WOVEN FABRICS: This product is breathable, waterproof, soft and delicate. It is made of high quality non-woven fabrics. It has good filtration performance and does not contain adhesives. Fabric manufacturers also have some breathing holes, which do not cause allergies, light breathable sweat absorption, so that your skin can breathe freely, will not feel stuffy, will not affect the normal sweating of the skin
4. PROTECTIVE EFFECT: People always sweat easily in summer, and the sweat on the collar turns yellow after oxidation. This kind of sweat is often very difficult to clean, and the collar is a very difficult place to clean. This will make your shirt look ugly. Our collar stickers can help you solve this problem and fundamentally eliminate the dirty collar edge
5. SELF-ADHESIVE: There is a layer of self-adhesive glue on the back of collar sticker, which is sticky and durable, and can be firmly adhered to collar, so it will not be easily displaced. At the same time, after tearing off, there will be no residual sticky substance on your collar. You can use it safely"