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2-Pack 360° Cutlery Rack Hooks, Wall Mounted Octopus Hooks with 6 Swivel Claw Tops, Hole Free Kitchenware Wipes Bathroom Bath Ball Storage Hooks

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1. Material: HIPS kitchen hook for hanging kitchen utensils to keep the space clean

2. Novel design: 6-claw cutlery rack under the cabinet, can rotate 360 degrees, easy for you to remove or hang

3. Strong stickiness: Hanging objects with a certain gravity, do not worry about falling. (hang items after 12 hours for better results

4. Versatile: It is not only a kitchenware rack, but can also be used as a cup holder, coat hanger, tie and other small items holder

5.Easy to install: To avoid wall damage caused by perforations, our hooks are equipped with sticky patches for your daily use