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Multi-Functional Foldable Car Backseat Tray Desk

Color: Color
Material: ABS
Weight: 700g
Size: 34*20*3cm

1.Durable: Made of premium quality ABS material and components that ensures durability and longevity.
2.Foldable: This tray can conveniently hang at the back of the font seats even when you are not using it because it is foldable! Open the tray when you want to use it and stow when your done. The color of the tray is neutral so it won’t be an eyesore in your interior; it would add beauty instead.
3.Convenient: Just sit comfortably while you are traveling and reach your stuff at any convenient moment. It mainly serves as a food tray and a drink holder, but you can also arrange your mobile phone, wallet and any preferred items on the tray for your convenience.
4.Easy to Install: Simply tie the strap around the headrest frame and adjust for a snug fit. The size of the tray is very compact so you can store it in the back seat pocket when not in use. The bottom portion of the tray has hooks so you can hang your groceries and stuff.
5.Multipurpose: It's the most convenient and practical tray with multifunctional uses; a quick snack, breakfast tray, kids meals, coffee holder and more. This can also easily hold your tablet.