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Door Bottom Sealing Strips Sound Insulation and Warm Weather Strips Foamed Cotton Insect-proof Seal

Color: Color

Material:EPE -Foamed cotton + Non-woven

Weight: 220g

Size: 2.5 * 5.5*96cm


1. High-quality material: EPE foam cotton + non-woven fabric / wear-resistant leather, sound insulation and windproof, good flexibility, bending can be restored.

2. Multi-function: serrated edge carving knife, hemisphere digging spoon, fast removal of fruit seeds and peels, a variety of functions to choose from to facilitate life.

3. High adaptability: according to the length of the door, can be cut at will according to the length of the door to achieve a good fit.

4. Easy to install: no need to use glue, install at any time when you need to use, will not leave traces.

5. Delicate design: cylindrical solid design, quickly rebound after pressing, effectively prevent the impact of opening and closing the door.