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Cling Film Box Cutter Neatly Cut Magnetic Strip Adsorption Cling Film Cutter Kitchen Essential Supplies

color: color

Material: ABS

Color:Grey/Black /Green


Size: 39*8*8.5cm


1. Easy and simple to use: The cling film dispenser with two-way cutter can cut neatly with just a pull or a slide.

2. Multi-scene use: The cling film dispenser with cutter is not only for desktop use, with magnet at the bottom, it can also be attached to metal surfaces such as refrigerators for easy storage.

3. Multiple supplements: The replacement rolls of this cling film divider can be cling film, tin foil, kitchen paper, etc., for a wider range of uses.

4. Cutting safety: cling film dispenser with hidden cutting knife, use without worrying about scratching your fingers, safer.

5. High quality material: The cling film dispenser with sliding cutter is made of ABS material, which is strong, odorless and reusable.