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2021 Big Soxy Changes

2021 Big Soxy Changes

   Thank you for all your support in 2020. We have received many feedback and comments.

 Thank you Running Pie

    For 2021 we have established many new designs and our aim to provide many more weekly update design for all you soxy lovers.

    We have also introduce the new option for standard packing, for 2020 our premium packing has been super popular, but some had feedback, we should provide this as an option. Therefore we are introducing a standard packing. Of course popular premium soxy gift boxing is not going away. In all of our product you can now choose if you want to use standard packaging or if you want to use upgrade your standard and get our amazing premium soxy gift boxing.


    For 2021 we will also switch from our running pie point programme as some had mentioned it was not efficient. Instead now, we will be providing an direct promotional email code to all our customers, then there is no fuss in getting the socks you love at with some extra pie number from us. If you still wish to redeem your hotrovel point code, please send us an email and provide a screenshot of your current points. We will provide 1 USD per 100 points.

    We wish all soxy lover a happy and healthy 2021.

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