Hotrovel Socks Prime Day Sales Activities

Hotrovel Socks Prime Day Sales Activities

Prime Day

As we all know, the prime day of amazon is coming soon.

Along 2021/06/21-2021/06/22.

We launched a new sales campaign.

      The hot summer is getting closer and closer, but the hot weather doesn't stop us from going out.Come to JSSK to buy some comfortable socks, cross the street and be the most beautiful boy in the eyes of others.The same product quality, we will be cheaper than amazon's price.

Activity time:2021/06/21-2021/06/22

Activity details:All socks will be sold at a discount price with varying degrees of discount.

If you purchase any sock products, you will receive gift tube wrapped socks, which are free of charge.

Way of activity: after placing an order to buy products, you can get high-grade fashionable socks wrapped in gift tube.

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