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Women's Outer Leggings Black and Grey Fall Wear High Waist Stretchy Shaping Tightening Tummy Lifting Hips


Material: Nylons



Size: 40 * 25cm


1. Quality you can trust. Made from nylon and spandex, this item will keep your casual style cool but comfortable and indulge in a pair of super soft leggings.

2. Tuck in and lift your hips. These full-length leggings with tummy control are scientifically slimming to keep you slim while running, jumping or working out, without harming your own organs involved.

3. Versatile effect. Wear them with jumpers or T-shirts, or plunging tops and jackets for a cute or cool look, add a pair of heels and you have the perfect look.

4. For all occasions: great for going out or at home, or for work.

5. Fits all sizes of bottoms: leggings available in 5 sizes (SM ), plus sizes (L-XXL). Please check the size chart before buying.