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Universal Phone Holder for Car Steering Wheels

Color: Color
Material: Plastic, Silicone
Weight: 70g
Size: 34cm

1.Durable Material: High-quality high elastic rubber with strong tensile force. The clip design firmly clamps the mobile phone on the steering wheel to ensure that the mobile phone does not fall when rotated 360 degrees.
2.Improve driving safety: You can operate the mobile phone with one hand without holding hands-free to connect the phone. The navigation is close in front of you. Safe driving will give you more security during driving.
3.Protect Phone: The device is an embedded soft silicone pad to protect your mobile phone from scratch or scratch.
4.Wide Compatibility: the retractable clip can stretch 3.35 inches at most and 2.27 inches at least, supporting most popular smart phones at present.
5.Easy Installation: It only takes a few seconds to complete without additional tools, and the device does not affect the installation of steering wheel cove.