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Toothpaste Squeezer Manual Rotary Squeezer Children Squeeze Toothpaste Gods

Color: Color


Weight: 90g

Size: 5.5*4*12CM


1. Wide application: the squeezer is suitable for tubes less than 2 inches wide, for aluminum and plastic tubes, for squeezing toothpaste, cream tubes, cleaning foam or other items

2. Easy to use: This toothpaste squeezer is designed with a rotating handle, just insert the toothpaste into the rolling shaft and then rotate the handle to conveniently and easily squeeze the cream

3. Good quality: toothpaste tube squeezer is made of high quality plastic, durable and not easy to break, can be used for a long time

4. Practical tool: this toothpaste squeezer is a practical tool, you can use it in the kitchen, bathroom or hobby space

5.Overall packaging: three toothpaste squeezers in each package