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Long-handled Bath Brush Multifunctional Math Massage Brush

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1. Perfect design: This massage shower brush comes with an extra massage ball head that fills with shower gel and dispenses automatically when in use, while the long curved handle allows you to scrub hard-to-reach areas.

2. Improve skin condition: This massage brush can promote blood circulation and improve skin health, also can make your skin smoother.

3. Ergonomic grip: The sturdy and durable handle makes the brush comfortable to hold and use; it is much better than using a thin wire handle.

4. bath massager: long handle body bath shower back brush is made of high quality materials, skin-friendly and healthy to use, clean more in place, shower gel can fill the massage head automatically discharged during use.

5. Hygienic and long-lasting: simply rinse the brush and hang it up to dry after each use. It is easy to store on a shower caddy or hang on a hook.