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Cat Toy Hanging Door Retractable Rope Mouse Toy

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1.Triangle hook: this cat toy can be hung on door beam door handle seat 
2.Adjustable buckle: adjust mouse toy rope length through adjusting buckle, let cat comfortable play 
3.Elastic rope design: full length about 180 cm elastic large lets small toy at bottom swing 
4.Mouse shape: when swinging attracts cats' attention 

Material: Plush, plastic, metal 
Buckle color: Black
Mouse color: Black 
String Length: 1.8m 

Installation Instructions:
1). Tie the hook of the rope to the loop on the mouse's back
2). Pass the buckle through the middle of the triangle hook
3). Hang the triangle hook on the eaves of the door

Caution: Winding risk may exist, please put this toy away when you are not at home