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Car Emergency Starter Power Car Battery Starter Portable Car Car Multifunctional Emergency Lighter Charging Treasure With LED(CAR56)

Material: ABS+PP+PC
Size: 18*28.8*11.6cm/26.5*19*6.5cm

1. Wide application: This battery charger is specially designed for 12V lead-acid batteries of 6-150Ah(12V).
2. Multi-function: One power supply has multiple uses, which can be used for emergency start of cars/motorcycles, as well as for charging digital devices, emergency lighting, etc.
3. LED lights: LED lights bring a safe concentrating effect, the illumination is clear and bright, and the range is large.
4. Safe charging: The cover is made of high-gloss PVC plastic and has passed UV, which has a stronger hand feeling and better scratch resistance.
5. Simple and practical: LED power display, real-time view of remaining power, accurate power display.