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Car Clock Ornaments Car Luminous Electronic Watch Car Dashboard Mini Clock Car Electronic Clock Quartz Watch(CAR82)

Material:Stainless Steel + Alloy

1. High-quality material: The car quartz watch is made of high-quality alloy and ABS, which is not easy to rust, fade and deform, and has a long service life. You can use it with confidence.
2. Unique table mirror design: The high light transmittance and wear-resistant mirror design of the car quartz watch make the time look more three-dimensional, with high mirror hardness and high light transmittance. Personalize your clock to make your car unique.
3. Luminous display: The pointer circulates fluorescent lamps, which are bright during the day, daylight is available, and the clock is lit when driving at night. The styles are changeable, and the interior grades are improved.
4. Drive with peace of mind: With this electronic watch, you no longer have to worry about seeing the time on your phone or driving dangerously. Longer battery life and less easy to replace.
5. Easy installation: You can choose a variety of installation methods, just clip it on the air outlet, it is exquisite and compact and will not block the air outlet, you can watch the time and enjoy the air conditioning